From the Far North & the Altiplano to the Far South of Chile, unusual experiences await. Dream about walking through the driest desert in the world, enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean, feel the astounding fascination of Patagonian forests, the imposing glaciers & millenary ice fields. A land full of imagination, mystery with adventure, gastronomy, bird-watching & eco-travel.

Discover Chile

Chile has it all. A great diversity of climates constrained by the majestic Andes to the east, the arid desert to the north & the exquisite beaches along the west coast. Bountiful rivers & a plethora of vibrant valleys give life to the charming cities. An assorted community of indigenous people whose customs & culture are still alive. The Fondas, the Cueca, the lapis lazuli crafts, the carnivals with masks & colourful costumes, the delicious curanto recipes & lamb spit roasts in Patagonia are some extraordinary examples of traditions that make Chile a unique destination.

Renowned for it’s steep funiculars & gorgeous houses on the hills, the city of Valparaiso near Santiago is a great example of Chile’s historical & artistic heritage. A paradise for lovers of bohemian life, street art & poetry of Pablo Neruda. From Violeta Parra’s traditional guitar to the surrealism of painter Roberto Matta, absolutely stunning.


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