Galápagos Islands…

The enchanting islands of Galapagos. An incredibly intriguing & intimate atmosphere. Fabulous wildlife & spectacular scenery. Galápagos Islands is a vibrant volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. A surreal experience. A province of Ecuador, 1,000 kms off it’s coast-line. Isolated terrain shelters a rare diversity of plants, birds & animal species. Charles Darwin visited the island in 1835. It’s wonder & beauty inspired the theory of evolution.

Most of the Galápagos is covered in semi-desert vegetation, shrub-lands, grasslands & dry forest. Discover 500 species of native plants on the islands (90 species of ferns). Explore distinctive endemic species like the giant tortoisesfinchesflightless cormorantsGalápagos lava lizards & marine iguanas. A once in a lifetime destination. A dream experience in nature.


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