Where good ideas come from…

Recently, I read Steven Johnson’sWhere Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History Of Innovation. Triggers our thinking about creative collaboration & innovation.

Great examples of how we can create environments that encourage good ideas. How people with different skill sets & experiences can come together to create & innovate. Johnson says, “we have a natural tendency to romanticise breakthrough innovations, imagining momentous ideas. But, we can take the ideas we’ve inherited or we’ve stumbled across, jigger them together into some fresh form & shape.” Focuses on the elements of cultural environments that foster an atmosphere of innovation. “Technology is a potent fertiliser of discovery & invention, connections between people & ideas are the underlying seed-beds of innovation”.

Identifies a number of conditions & patterns that enable innovation. The importance of liquid networks, flexible enough to facilitate dynamic connections between good ideas, but structured enough to support them.

Johnson’s TED speech

Johnson reminds us that good ideas are often the result of people building on each other’s ideas (individually or collectively) & having a flexible, fertile environment in which they can prosper. Measurable conditions & patterns to stimulate creativity. Truly inspirational.


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