A thousand brains…

Thanks to mind-boggling technologies for observing complex brain activities, we learn a lot each day – different types of neurons in our brain, how neurons communicate with one another, which neurons are active when we perform tasks.  

A Thousand Brains: A New Theory of Intelligence (Jeff Hawkins) is awe-inspiring. A pioneer of mobile computing & co-inventor of the PalmPilot. Works with a singular focus – making big advancements in machine learning.

Machine learning has incredible promise, an intelligence to address truly multi-faceted challenges. Hawkins says, “There is no ‘I’ in AI today.” Computers can beat a grandmaster in chess, but they don’t know that chess is a game. Argues that we can’t achieve AI “by doing more of what we are currently doing”. Understanding much more about the part of our brain called the ‘neocortex‘ is the key to developing true AI

Incredible insights into the architecture of our brain, tantalising clues about intelligent machines. Neocortex makes up 70% of our brain. Responsible for our ability to perceive, learn, create music, solve complex algorithms. The neocortex predicts what the next sensation will be.

True artificial intelligence will replicate the workings of the neocortex, to bring huge break-throughs in digital technologies to solve our world’s hardest challenges. A Thousand Brains heralds a revolution in our understanding of intelligence & AI in the future.


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