The Caribbean…

Email: Partner’s 60th birthday. Loves travel, the sea, beaches. (Ireland)

Happy Birthday!

The Caribbean is a beautiful mosaic of islands beckoning adventurers. An explosion of colours fringed by beaches, soaked in rum. A lively profusion of welcoming people & places. Bustling Barbados & relaxed St Vincent. Revolutionary Cuba & the banking capital, Caymans. Stunning St Kitts & awesome Antigua.

Azure seas & vibrant green forests. Swim, dive or snorkel with darting fish & corals. Picture perfect beaches with clear white sand. Hike into the emerald wilderness, spot accents of red orchids & yellow parrots. Unspoilt islands like nature lovers Dominica & St Lucia’s iconic lush Piton mountains. The food is unique with bright local markets. Intense costume filled carnivals celebrated in Trinidad. Glorious crumbling Cuba & reggae rolling Jamaica offer charming cultural experiences. Anything is possible in the Caribbean, an emerald paradise. Spectacular natural beauty.


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