Save working horses, donkeys & mules…

Every day, in some of the world’s poorest communities, working animals spend their lives in agonising pain & misery. Thousands of equids work in exploitative industries like brick kilns, coal mines & tourism. Our support will help ease their pain & give them a better life. Please donate to help Brooke Vets reach suffering equines, worldwide. Brooke is an international charity that protects & improves the lives of horses, donkeys & mules which give people in the developing world an opportunity to beat poverty.

£2.00 A MONTH helps provide food, healing medicines to treat wounds & sores caused by heavy loads. £4.00 A MONTH helps train local communities to care for their animals. £9.00 A MONTH helps train a farrier to combat lameness & protect animals from needless pain. So far, they’ve nurtured 1.7 million working horses, donkeys & mules across Africa, Asia, Americas & Middle East. Experienced staff includes vets, animal welfare experts, advocacy & development specialists.


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