Going back to work…

Email: Feel so anxious, unsure about going back to the office. (Ireland)

Empathetic. A feeling of social anxiety about returning to the office is natural. Many of us are feeling unsettled. After over a year of remote work, the idea of physically returning to our office can feel overwhelming. Since the Covid landscape is still in flux, it’s hard to feel sure about how long the return to normal will last either.

In unfamiliar circumstances, we’re wired to be more on the edge. Although we may be returning to our old job, a lot has changed, leading to adjustment stress. Self-compassion, empathy & calm can help during transitions. When we gradually get back to our previous activities, our built-up anxiety may naturally subside.

We can follow the new norms in terms of Covid precautions at work, vigilantly. Some co-workers may be thrilled to get back to the office whereas others may feel the reverse. Our perspectives may not be identical. Guess, we can be more tolerant & accepting.

Working from home was a big experiment. Some insights were practical, others emotional. What did we learn about our social rhythms that best support our productivity? Did we develop creative strategies for getting the work done? Did we implement more simple, efficient ways of communicating? Pandemic work pluses can be intentionally retained when we change our work environment. We can patiently try to understand our colleagues & how they may be navigating the transition back.


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