Passion vs. work…

Email: Current job isn’t one I’m passionate about. Nothing can be done about it. (US)

Understand. Passion is an important factor to consider when choosing a job, but it’s not the only factor. How can our career be a conduit to our passion? Do we need to pursue our passion through work only? What would it look like to pursue this passion outside of work? Would it be equally fulfilling? Should we make our career our passion or find a job that allows us to spend time on it outside of work?

Drawing a line between what we love & what we do helps build boundaries between our work & personal lives. Transforming hobbies into work could undermine our enjoyment, interests get sapped by pursuits of external rewards like compensation. True for creative passions like writing, painting, music. Passion may also evolve over time, not to lock into a career path.

If we decide not to pursue our passion at work, what should we look for in a job? Will this job give us time, money & energy to pursue our passions? E.g. if time is our scarcest resource, finding a job that offers flexibility & predictability is one way to gain more time for our passions. We can see our job as an integral part of our passion pursuit. Without the security, flexibility & income it offers, we wouldn’t be able to pursue our passions, at all.

Passions define us as individuals, makes our lives satisfying & meaningful. But passion doesn’t necessarily have to define our work. Taking a broader view of passion as something that can be pursued through work, but also outside of it can help us live creative, passion fuelled lives in whatever way it works best for us.


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