A note from the Blog’s Intern – received a number of questions for the author. Her reply – “there are no perfect answers, here’s just one perspective based on my own personal experiences, beliefs, learnings”.

Q: What does the author fear the most or find to be toughest?

A: In a world full of challenging circumstances that are constantly trying to change who we are – to just be me, to believe. To learn to be creative, passionate & compassionate. To be fully present in the moment.

Q: How does author deal with the current chaos, confusion?

A: Sometimes, tough situations & scenarios cloud our vision. Close my eyes to see clearly. Answers are often simple & straight-forward.

Q: What’s the most important message for others through the blog?

A: To share kindness, compassion & empathy with all – humans, animals & nature. The grateful gift of generosity, humility is most precious.

Q: Why does the author not have a personal profile section?

A: For now, it’s the author’s preference to stay anonymous. “Purpose of the blog isn’t personal publicity, rather a platform for creative self-expressions, to raise awareness for charities, to share & learn without expectations”.


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