Alan Weisman considers how our Earth can heal, re-fill empty niches if relieved of humanity’s constant pressures. A vision to restore a healthy harmony, balance with nature. 

Countdown – Amazon

Weisman asks experts the most important questions — how many humans can the planet hold without capsizing? How robust must the Earth’s eco-system be to assure our continued existence? Can we know which other species are essential to our survival? How might we actually arrive at a stable, optimum population, design an economy to allow genuine prosperity with endless growth? 

Visits an extraordinary range of cultures, religions, nationalities, tribes, political systems to learn what in their beliefs, histories, current circumstances might suggest solutions. Result is a landmark work of reporting – devastating, urgent, deeply hopeful.  Countdown reveals what may be the fastest, acceptable, practical, affordable way of returning our planet, our presence on it to balance. A message so compelling it can change how we see our lives, our future.


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