Email: Ideas to build effective teams? Challenges with performance. (US)

Empathetic. Many teams face similar challenges. A few humble thoughts based on my own experiences. To build high-performing teams, managers need a comprehensive understanding of the organisational gaps they’re trying to fill & the skills to assess effectiveness of existing resources. To build a cohesive team, a ‘team fit‘ is essential. Though instincts, passion plays a significant role, some guiding principles are effective in creating a X-factor.

Consider key functional expertise (e.g. finance), determine how the current composition in team best serves our goals. Think about processes that require specific skills, assign responsibility to strongest critical thinkers. Identify how members of the team collaborate, create., communicate? Are there ways we can enhance performance by encouraging risk-taking, constructive criticism, objectivity, active listening, execution, mutual recognition?

Observe unique ways each colleague learns, leads. Introduce a cohesive style of learning, monitoring performance. Analyse how goals are shared, look for ways to make constant improvements in leadership, delegation, empathy. Building high-performing teams is surely tough but incredibly inspiring.


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