Himalaya – a human history…

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A majestic history of the Himalaya – an epic story of people, cultures, adventures among the world’s highest mountains. For centuries the unique, astonishing geography of the Himalaya has attracted those in search of spiritual & literal elevation – pilgrims, adventurers, mountaineers seeking to test themselves among the world’s most spectacular, challenging peaks. Himalayas has been home to a diversity of indigenous, local cultures, a crucible of world religions, a crossroads for trade, a meeting point for empires. Ed Douglas makes a thrilling case for Himalaya’s importance in global history, offers a soaring account of life at the “roof of the world.”

Himalaya: A Human History – Amazon

Profiles great kings, describes architects who built towering white Stupas that distinguish Himalayan architecture. Traces flourishing evolution of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism that brought Himalayan spirituality to the world. How mass tourism & ecological transformations are making a dent in it’s natural grandeur. Encompasses geology & genetics, botany & art, bursting with stories of courage, beauty, resourcefulness. Inspiring. Home.


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