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Email: How can we improve workplace culture? HR Manager. (Indonesia)

A very complex topic, no perfect answer. Humbly, people are the heart of an organisation. Successful company cultures inspire enthusiasm, energy, creativity, compassion among employees. Fancy physical spaces, flashy perks aren’t always intrinsically motivating. Leaders who focus on creating an innovative culture encourage teams to believe in their vision.

In general, people want to believe they’re part of something meaningful, contribute to a bigger common goal. Corporate culture must therefore be deeply rooted in core purpose. Offer an experience they want to be truly part of, feeling good about what they do. A sense of contribution, a sense of belonging. A clear value statement representing the overall mission helps. An aspirational story of desired journey into the future.

Real buy-in comes from authenticity, transparency. Leadership that’s passionate with personal belief & accountability wins the trust of teams. Share & listen carefully, absolutely critical. Measuring engagement is powerful for honest feedback. Quantitative data like employee turnover, retention, ease of hiring quality talent, customer engagement indicate if the culture is working. 1-1 meetings, small work groups help take periodic pulse of teams.

Psychological safety is key. Employees want to feel safe to be creative, to report challenges. Recognised for risks. Stimulated to pursue passions, L&D possibilities. Companies are never static, neither is the process of creating a great culture. It’s iterative, imaginative, messy. The goal is to create a realistic positive momentum. Celebrate achievements. Just be relentless about empathetic storytelling, targeted communications, objective actions.


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