Songs of the sea…

Music inspired by ‘water’ abounds in classical music. 19-20th century saw a movement of impressionism in music with vibrant, vivid depictions of water.

MendelssohnHebrides Overture. Beautiful, beguiling

DebussyLa Mer. Mesmerising, majestic

MozartNachtmusik. Magnetic, musical

StraussBlue Danube. Daunting, dance

Thaikovsky Swan Lake. Lovely, luscious

MarsickLa Source. Sensational, sweet

Ravel Une Barque. Bold, bright

WilliamsSea Symphony. Stunning, surprising

SmetanaDie Moldau. Deep, desirous

MussorgskyDawn Over Moscow River. Re-energising, refreshing

WagnerDas Rheingold. Re-invigorating, real

SebeliusSwan over Tuonela. Terrific, tonal


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