Nature’s silent message…

Our planet is trying to teach us to live better. Will we tune into nature’s ultimate intelligence? The same intelligence that allows blood to flow through our veins, bees to pollinate flowers, birds to fly south, salmon to spawn, whales to migrate, caterpillars to become butterflies, the moon to orbit & the rest of nature to function in perfect balance.

Nature’s Silent Message – Amazon

We have access to nature’s silent messages, if we take the time to listen. Stillman guides us from lush forests of North Cascades, through sandstone slot canyons of Utah, into southern Arizona. Wilderness is the school of life, where we learn from that which knows. Nature’s Silent Message suggests the existence of something far greater than we can see.

The message is simple & pure like a beautiful butterfly. Try & catch? It’ll elude. With stillness within, gently flow with it & all the wonders are revealed…


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