Fail to succeed…

Email: Finishing law school soon. Scared of failure in court. Tips for the future? (US)

Congratulations. I cast my mind back to my own graduation. The guest speaker was a distinguished politician. His speech helped me write this note, because it turns out I can’t remember a single word he said!

Let’s talk about the benefits of failure & the crucial value of visualisation. At 19, the only thing I wanted to do was learn how to fly, to write, to dance. But, fate had other plans. I’d failed on an epic scale in pursuing my passion, purpose. Hardship, dissatisfaction is necessary to understand what truly drives us. We playfully learn to balance fear of failure with desire for success. We’ll never truly know our inherent uniqueness until tested by adversity.

JK Rowling – “some failure in life is inevitable. It’s impossible to live without failing at something, unless we live so cautiously that we might as well not have lived at all – in which case, we fail by default”.

Visualisation, an ability to envision that which is not. The fount of imagination, inspiration. Humbly transformative. If we choose to empathise, to raise our voice on behalf of those who have no voice, can celebrate our lives, add compassionate value to vulnerable people. 

Finally, failure is not the opposite of success, it’s a part of success! Visualise. Good luck…


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