Dancing with bees…

A naturalist’s passionate dive into lives of bees, our natural world. Brigit Strawbridge Howard was shocked when she realised she knew more about the French Revolution than about her native trees & birds. And wildflowers. And bees.

Dancing With Bees – Amazon

That day was the start of a curious, creative journey. One filled with silver birches, hairy-footed flower bees, skylarks & rosebay willow herb. The joy that comes with deepening one’s relationship with nature. Dancing with Bees is a charming & eloquent account of a return to noticing, to re-discovering a perspective of our world that has somehow been lost. Casts special attention on the plight of pollinators – honeybees, bumblebees, solitary bees. What can we do to help them? Fascinating details of flora, fauna that fill our days with wonder, playfulness & delight.


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