Safety first…

It’s heart-breaking, painful to feel so unsafe in the beautiful country I was born in. A culture where goddesses are worshipped as symbols of beauty, fertility, compassion & strength. How can we find an urgent solution to protect millions of vulnerable women? Violence against women is gaining centre-stage, bringing political upheavals but still falls short of solving the crisis.

India recorded an average of 87 rape cases daily in 2019. 4,05,861 cases of crime against women in 2019, a rise of 7% from 2018. 1 rape was reported every 15 minutes in 2019.

Most rapes go unreported because victims fear retaliation & humiliation. Marital rape is not a criminal offence within the Indian legal framework? Various government campaigns – ‘Educate the daughter’, ‘Save the daughter’ haven’t yet delivered desired outcomes. Poor law enforcement, corruption, slow judicial systems & unnecessary politicisations add fuel to the fire.

Empathise with the trauma & suffering of women across India & our world. A horrific violation of their physical & personal integrity. Like millions of women, wish to feel safe & protected. To feel cherished & confident at home. Unhurt & unharmed when we step out…


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