When Rebecca Giggs encountered a humpback whale stranded on a local beach in Australia, began to wonder how lives of whales shed light on the condition of our seas. How do whales experience environmental change? Has our connection to these fabled animals been transformed by technology? What’s their future? What does it mean to write about nature in the midst of an ecological crisis?

Fathoms: The World In The Whale – Amazon

Fathoms: The World In The Whale blends natural history, philosophy & science to explore with clarity & hope. In lively, inventive prose, introduces whales so rare they’ve never been named. An astonishing variety found in whale sounds, whale ‘pop’ songs that sweep across hemispheres. Travel to Japan to board whaling ships, examine the uncanny charisma, charm of these magnificent mammals, confront the plastic pollution now pervading underwater environments.

Fathoms is a work of profound insight, depth, mystery & wonder. Powerful & compelling.


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