Sufi music…

Email: Grandma’s birthday. Loves Sufi music, flowers. (Pakistan)

Happy Birthday!

Sufism – Islamic mysticism, devotion to the divine, an esoteric dimension of Islam to feel closer to God. There is not in the horizons, beyond the horizons or below the horizons anyone more elegant, more noble, more knowing, more just, more fearless, more compassionate. He’s the leader of all created beings – The One.

From 13-16th centuries, Sufism produced a flourishing intellectual, musical culture, a ‘Golden Age‘. Turkey, Persia were the main centres. Qawwali – devotional music of Sufi’s was inspired by beautiful Sufi poets like Rumi, Hafiz, Bulleh Shah, Amir KhusrowKhwaja Ghulam Farid

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khana legendary Pakistani vocalist, protagonist of Sufi music. Passionate, profound.


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