Concrete coasts…

Our world’s coastlines are turning into concrete at a huge cost to wildlife, the climate. Hong Kong’s Zhuhai-Macau bridge used 1 million tonnes of concrete, critically endangering Pink Dolphins. Their population plummeted by 60%. Dolphins aren’t the only victims when large volumes of concrete is poured into our oceans.

3 tonnes of concrete is used per year for every person in the world. Production of concrete is a huge emitter of CO2. 8% of carbon footprint comes from the concrete industry, production of cement. Generates 2.8 billion tonnes of CO2 per year. More than any country other than the US, China. Concrete accounts for 70% of coastal & marine infrastructure – ports, defence structures, water-fronts. 60% of China’s coast is effectively concrete. 14,000 miles of US coastline is concrete.

Scientists say over 1 metre of sea level will rise in 80 years. Hope we can find timely, creative, sustainable solutions to balance development with impact on our environment. Eco-shorelines.


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