Pristine, peaceful walk in Singapore’s Orchid Gardens. Sometimes, forget we’re products of the natural world. As kids we’re perfectly attuned to nature. Jumping into muddy puddles, climbing mossy trees, diving into freshwater ponds. As years pass by, discover sights, sounds of the synthetic world. Momentarily dazzles but delightful memories of dirt, dust, naturalness remain. 

Orchid / Botanic Gardens

A belief re-enforced each time we’re rejuvenated by crisp air, warm sunlight, cool rain, gorgeous flowers. Awed by the magnificence, majesty, mystery of nature’s beauty. Re-discovering our natural world is incredibly inspiring. Simple wonders, wellness, whole-heartedness. Nature’s rhythm tells plants when to move outwards, when to go inwards. In touch with our rhythms, we connect with our own energy flows. Soaking in the exuberant, ethereal essence of our natural world.


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