Picking a lovely leaf off the ground, contemplating it as an object is inspiring. It’s shape, colour, the way it feels in the hand, delicate veins, stem that once held on to the branch of a tree. A miniature, mysterious work of natural art. One small but essential part of an eco-system that harnesses energy of the sun, plumbs depths of the ground. 

A leaf transforms elements of environment – sunlight, carbon-dioxide, rain into nourishment. This beautiful, weightless, humble, ephemeral piece of nature is a vital conduit to the branch, that is a conduit to the trunk, that is a conduit to the roots. 

Nature offers a clear demonstration of inter-dependence between all living things. Clouds that bring rain, sun that gives light, leaves that transform these into balanced, coherent sustenance. None could survive without being inter-related, integrated.

Our earth is home to a web of living things – inter-connected, inter-dependant.


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