Walk in the park…

Nature isn’t a place we visit. It is home. Mountains & rivers, seas & skies, forests & flowers constitute our home, our natural habitat.

We can easily believe towns, artificially created environments is where we belong. Though, nature is essential to our well-being, our sense of wonder. Spending time in nature alleviates stress, improves creativity, enhances cognitive functioning, boosts energy levels, brings beauty & balance, nurtures our spirit. 

Connection with the wilderness is a pure, pleasurable experience. So, intrinsically rewarding. Warmth of sun against the skin, soft summer breeze, beautiful birds singing in spring, sound of waves lapping against shores, stunning sunsets, marvellous mountain vistas, silver snowflakes, sweeping lush green valleys, sparkling stars, mysterious moonlight, scent of roses in blossom, sensation of beach sand under our feet, shades under solidity of trees, delight of dogs playing in the park.

A natural homecoming…


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