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Email: Re: previous post, how do we face our inner critic? (Ireland)

Just Paint

Interesting, just a humble perspective. We have 2 unique voices within. One that is nurturing, one that is critical. One that lifts up, one that weighs down. Both have a role to play. Inner nurturer brings self-compassion, stimulation while inner critic helps recognise where we can do better. Often, inner critic goes overboard, throwing dart after dart of scolding, nit-picking, fault-finding. Chokes gentle, thoughtful inner nurturer. 

We can observe how self-criticism operates. Notice dismissals, minimisations of goals. Watch how negative thoughts downplay aspirations, accomplishments – ‘not good enough, not perfect, don’t deserve!’ Repetitive discouraging of hopes, dreams. When inner critic starts pounding, inner nurturer is our refuge, a sensitive ally.

Acknowledge underlying attitudes. Journal with tags like ‘negative self-talk’. Mindful. Notice patterns, familiarity in words, tones. Listen, hear any harshness towards self. Calm, natural witnessing makes these voices less intense, more reasonable.

Patiently develop inner nurturer with self-care, passion, joy, creativity. Recognise basic goodness, wisdom within. Believe. Allow confidence, comfort in inherent worth grow.


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