Just paint…

Email: Trying hard to paint, plan but can’t. What’s missing? (Austria)

Creativity begins with tireless play, unleash inner innocence. Almost everything kids do is art! A weird dance, bizarre singing? Unfortunately, our little artist within gets choked, locked in as we grow older.

A kid says, ‘I met an alien!’ Our typical response, ‘stop that nonsense.’ An ideal response, ‘really, what did it look like?’ Engages exciting creative, curious story-telling.

Art is limitless, intuitive imagination, embraces playfulness. Whatever form our creativity takes, just do it. And do it a lot. I write like crazy, go absolutely nuts! Inner critic tells me 100’s of reasons why I can’t write, ‘this isn’t good writing. What kind of sentence is this? Look at your handwriting! Text will be criticised?’ I run. Run so fast it can’t catch up! 

Creative passion naturally finds an outlet, allow. Just dream, believe, express. We can be a golfer & a writer. A cabbie & an actor. A banker & a painter!


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