When the last lion roars…

Read ‘When The Last Lion Roars’ by Sara Evans.

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Illegal killing of Cecil, a magnificent black-maned Zimbabwean lion by an American big-game hunter sparked international outrage. Drew attention to the devastating plight of Africa’s lions. A century ago, more than 200,000 wild lions lived in Africa. Today, reduced by 90%. 

When the Last Lion Roars explores the historic rise & fall of lions. Examines reasons behind the catastrophic decline. Interwoven with vibrant personal encounters of Africa’s last lions, considers importance of human responsibility in conservation. Courageous, inspiring stories of people dedicated to bring this iconic species back from the brink of extinction.

Book is split into 3 sections. Discusses origins of lions across the globe in prehistoric times. Based on evidence in fossil records, early artwork. Then, moves to explain how lions have progressively disappeared. Finally, finds a glimmer of hope. People Love Lions.

Incredibly vivid visualisations. Utterly captivating read.



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