Email: Getting frustrated, fed up at home. Recommend an activity. (UK)

Empathetic. Due to Covid-19 we’re in quarantine, lockdown. However, there’re still many activities that connect us with nature. Reading Wanderland by Jini Reddy. 

Wanderland – Amazon

Much to see, explore at our doorsteps! On daily exercise spot beautiful bees, butterflies, birds. No matter where we are, there’ll always be wildlife, nature somewhere near. Butterflies basking in the sun, bees looking for nectar, snails in damp shaded spaces, tiny new streams in forests to dip our toes in crystal-clear waters.

Creatively use bricks, flower pots, bamboo sticks, dried grass, tubes, logs, pipes, stones, dry leaves, straw, hay, twigs, anything accessible to build a secret den for mysterious visitors from the animal kingdom.

Amazing 24/7 webcams to watch wildlife up close…



Make a bird feeder – 1 block of lard, bird seeds, peanut butter. Melt lard, peanut butter. Mix in bird seeds. Pour in a mould, set in the fridge for 2 hours. Birds simply love it. 

Our natural world continues when rest of the world comes to a halt. Birds build nests, lambing underway, young hares begin to bound around meadows. Wildflowers bloom, tadpoles fill shallow ponds. An ethereal, exquisite sight.



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