Playing to win…

Email: A good book on basic business strategy, 1st job? (Germany)


Playing To Win – how strategy really works. CEO A.G. Lafley’s strategy to restore P&G to former dominance.

Outlines Lafley’s strategic approaches in close partnership with adviser Roger Martin. As a team they doubled P&G’s sales, quadrupled profits, increased market value by over a $100 billion. 

A great guide on bigger strategic goals, purpose, passion built around clear essential elements to determine business success.

Lafley & Martin created, implemented a set of 5 essential, integrated strategic actions to move ahead of competitors. (1) What is our winning aspiration? (2) Where will we play? (3) How will we win? (4) What capabilities must we have in place to win? (5) Which management processes, policies, plans, systems are required to win?

Playing To Win – Amazon

A play-book for winning…


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