Medicine related reads…

Interesting reads, contextual. Hand-picked from a NHS Medic’s book-shelf.

Do No Harm: Neuro-surgeon Henry Marsh depicts with great humility achievements, shortcomings of an impressive career exploring the brain. Each chapter describes an encounter with a particular pathology, story of a patient.

This is Going to Hurt: Adam Kay presents gruelling years spent training as an OB/GYN through hilarious diary entries. Beneath the humour a poignant message re: inhumane treatment, working hours faced by young doctors.

I Shall Not Hate: Doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish’s life story from being born in a refugee camp on Gaza strip to becoming the 1st Palestinian doctor to work in an Israel hospital. Worked tirelessly through war to promote women’s health. An activist for improving Israel-Palestinian relations, even after losing 3 daughters to war.

Unwinding of the Miracle: Vietnamese Harvard lawyer Julie Yip-Williams unwinds her life, miraculous grappling with terminal colon cancer, unfairness of dying at 42 in a beautiful, honest memoir. 

When Breath Becomes Air: Neuro-surgeon Paul Kalanithi’s exceptional experience of being both behind the operating table & on it. Conveys with exceptional eloquence the difficult process of learning how to die.

The Diving Bell & Butterfly: Following a massive stroke, Jean Dominique Bauby finds self a prisoner in his own body, only able to control a single eyelid. Written thanks to blinking of that one eye. Reflections on life & existence.

Gut: Written with humour, charm, Giulia Enders presents the secret functioning of 1 of the most important, misunderstood organ systems in our body – the gut.

The Emperor of All Maladies: Celebrated oncologist Siddhartha Mukherjee delineates rich history of cancer, demystifies. Stories of physicians, patients who’ve altered treatments, evolution of this multi-faceted disease.

Cure: Science journalist Jo Marchant’s evidence-based theories to investigate complex interactions between mind & body. Encounters with patients, doctors, researchers.

Just a few reads highlighting the emotional, mental, scientific, technical complexities in the medical field. How it shapes, re-shapes a range of lives. Respect…


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