Dance movies…

Ballroom Dancing 

What kind of dance? Mixture of genres

A theatrical style which made signature success. A fun, glittery musical. Story of a young dance champion with an unusual dance style. 


What kind of dance? Modern Jazz

Cult scenes, soundtrack – What a Feeling! Sums up passionate energy. 


What kind of dance? Rock

Soundtrack was a big hit in theatre’s, film led to a musical cult.

Step Up 

What kind of dance? Hip-Hop & Ballet

Meeting of Hip-Hop & classical dance. A musical fairy tale that became reality! Couple on screen got married.

Black Swan 

What kind of dance? Ballet

Oscar-winning Natalie Portman plays a psychotic ballerina, prey to entourage as she tries to rise to the role of the white swan. Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. 


What kind of dance? Madison

A critically acclaimed mainstream comedy! Influence has continued with multiple successful performances on Broadway. 


What kind of dance? Cabaret

A visual masterpiece. Story of a cabaret, a dancer’s love affair with a young German student, with the rise of Nazism.


What kind of dance? Modern Jazz

Journey of 8 students working hard to achieve their dream – fame in dance & theatre. 

Dirty Dancing 

What kind of dance? Dirty Dancing

Oscar-winning soundtrack ‘The Time of My Life’, engraved in the memory of generations.

The Red Shoes

What kind of dance? Ballet

Central piece is a 29 minute ballet with technicolour becoming expressionism. Glossy compositions & costumes.


What kind of dance? Contemporary

Anybody Can Dance! Full on passion, energy as young slum dwellers learn dancing to win national competitions. Dance to express…



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