Calming teas…

Brewed in the comfort of home, a good cup of tea reduces stress. Calming, relaxing teas:


Beautiful daisy-like flowers. Dried chamomile flowers make a wonderful pale yellow colour with soft floral fragrances. Supports sleep, rest.


Called ‘nature’s Valium’, root contains compounds to calm down the brain. A woody taste. Splash of orange flower water adds a delicious delicate aroma. 


Reminds of a dewdrop-laden morning. Lavender oil has a uniquely calming aroma. A fragrant lavender blossom tea eases the day.


Beautiful tropical flower vine, passion-flower calms the mind. Dried flower steeped in a pot of hot water makes a fragrant brew.

Turmeric & Honey

Power-house combination. Turmeric brewed in milk, topped with a spoonful of honey (add lemon, ginger as an option) helps relax, refresh.

Little things matter like a rejeuvinating tea ritual. Can get great organic teas from Feel Good Organics, Banyan Botanicals.

The Tea Company offers lovely loose-leaf herbal blends. Organic India, Traditional Medicinals, Numi have many types of teas. A well-made cup of tea puts us in just the right frame of mind to relax. 



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