Travel bug…

Sometimes, we think travel only happens in overseas flights, luxury hotels, long bus rides, cross-country trains? Associate travel exclusively with foreign lands, exotic foods, new cultures, countless glossy magazines, alluring discounted offers!

But, what’s compelling about travel is adventure, novelty factor. Travel propels us out of mundane routines into relaxation, rejuvenation, precious perspectives, exciting experiences. Everything, even laundry hanging out to dry seems fun.

Pico, “physical aspect of travel is not nearly as important as mental”. It’s wonderful to find selves immersed in commotions of Moroccan markets, magical sounds of Swiss cowbells, cathedral bell echoes at cobble-stone piazzas in Milan.

An unquestionable, curious sense of wonder, spontaneity, playfulness when we dream of travel. Can we have a remarkable travel-like mindset without leaving home, our proverbial backyard?

If travel to foreign lands is a sort of passionate sledge-hammer to knock down tired mental walls, invoke positive energy, ignite the explorer within, with some perseverance can we get past these barriers at home? Each day is unique, abundant, ripe with beauty, gratitude, humility.

Simple nature walks offer flights of child-like imagination, creativity. Reading about travel, watching travel shows is a stimulating escape. Researching delightful destinations inspires. It’s the journey, anticipation, pursuit not just arrival that matters the most. Give selves time, freedom to let minds roam, come forth with insights, ideas.


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