Rejuvenating retreats…

Refreshing retreats to relax, rejuvenate…

VIVA MAYR ALTAUSSEE – modern health resort on Lake Altaussee, Austria. Resort offers pure beauty. A pristine, picturesque place in the Alps. Great for wellness breaks.


L’ALBERETA – chic tree house, high up in towering pines. Endless terraces with pots of lavender, gorgeous views of Lake Iseo, Italy. Signature Chenot detox diet, mouse-like portions of exquisite alkaline food, military levels of discipline.


CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE – built into a hillside garden with many terraces looking over Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Ambience is private, soothing, cosseting, reassuring. A medical spa. Elegant, sophisticated space for tranquility.

Clinique La Prairie

FUSION MAIAan intimate, unique sanctuary in Vietnam. Embodies peacefulness on stunning beach-fronts. Morning elixirs of lime, ginger to hydrate, an anti-inflammatory boost of turmeric, ginger, honey. Awesome.

Fusion Maia

Schloss Elmaumountain peaks dominate horizon, nose-tingling fresh air, Germany. Lush green pastures dotted with shepherds huts edged by dark thickets of pine. A magical setting. Emphasis on physical healing. Wellbeing programs for 5 senses.


Wonderful wellness wonderlands for spa, health breaks…


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