Nature books…

Favourite nature books…

Uncover’s fascinating physiological, measurable responses in our brains, bodies when exposed to pure nature. Why we tend to feel calmer, rejuvenated in natural world?

Lab Girl  – Hope Jahren

Book of nature poetry. Encapsulates how science, creative writing can intertwine in beautiful ways. Interesting facts about trees, plants. Poetically links botanic life to cycles of our own. A willow tree can grow a genetically identical doppelgänger from branches!

The Forest Unseen: A Year’s Watch in Nature – D. George Haskell 

In mountain’s of Tennessee, biologist David Haskell makes daily pilgrimages to same square meters of old-growth forest. A lyrical prose conjures wonderful observations of various life-forms that inhabit spaces in the soil.

Braiding Sweetgrass  – Robin Wall Kimmerer 

Weaves natural experiences as a botany professor, native Potawatomi scientist. Beautiful reflections on sweetgrass, salamanders, maple sap, algae. An awakening of ecological consciousness, celebration of reciprocal relationship with natural world. Poetic.

Writes about changing seasons, beauty, brilliance of Scottish Highlands. Evolution of migration, understanding conservation, what it means to be a naturalist. Emphasises appreciation of birds.

Plenty to read with cups of steaming coffee…


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