Creative construction…

A myth busting book shows large companies can construct a strategy, system, culture of innovation that creates sustained growth.

Creative Construction – Amazon

Companies want to grow, most proven way is through innovation. Conventional wisdom says only disruptive, nimble start-ups can innovate? Gary Pisano’s remarkable research, extraordinary experience with big companies provides fresh thinking about how scale of bigger companies can be leveraged for advantages in innovation.

Begins with simple reality big companies are different. Demanding they be like Uber is no more realistic than commanding a dog to speak French? Bigger companies are complex. Need to sustain revenue streams from existing businesses, deal with tough stock exchange, shareholder demands.

These organisations require a unique set of management practices, approaches, disciplined focus on strategies, systems, culture for taking their company to next levels. Big can be bold, beautiful but requires creative construction by leaders!

Interesting, insightful read…



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