Animal rights…

As international travel grows exponentially, animal rights issues are more pervasive. Harmful cultural practices are at the forefront. Exploitative nature of mass tourism is an increasing problem.

From elephant rides, swimming with dolphins to all sorts of irresponsible animal selfies, there’s always people willing to sacrifice animals for profits.

Bear baiting in Pakistan – Young bears are captured in the wild, put through immense pain long before merciless fight with trained dogs. Bear canine teeth are broken, muzzles painfully pierced with nose rings, claws removed. 

Rooster fighting in Asia/Latin America – putting 2 roosters bred, trained specifically to be aggressive, going beak to beak in a ring. Often, fight to death for human amusement. Breeders pump birds up on steroids, bird feathers plucked, wattles removed.

Turtle hunting in the Caribbean – Despite being endangered, Sea Turtle eggs, meat is sold in black. Extinction of species – Leatherback Sea Turtles, Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles. Sold for apparent aphrodisiac properties.

Circus animal cruelty is rampant. 95% of animal lives are spent in chains, cages. Literally whipped into obedience. Routinely hit, poked during training processes.

Responsible Tourism

Hope we can urgently stop animal abuse with responsible tourism, awareness, action.


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