Responsible tourism…

Responsible tourism – an active awareness on the effect travel has on places, people, wildlife. Tour operators, hotel’s, government’s, local’s, travellers take responsibility to ensure travel is sustainable, ethical.

Responsible travellers have cultural awareness about local people, seek immersive experiences that benefit economically, ecologically. Consider impact of journey’s. Cautiously choose lodging, transportation, activities that preserve natural beauty, wildlife harmony.

More authentic, exhilarating adventures. Cultural understanding is best built on cross-fertilisation of ideas. With respect comes empathy, a personal connection (volunteering, fair trade, organic produce, prevent animal abuse).  Inspires nature-based activities, camping in national parks, hiking majestic mountains, forest trails, canoe trips, rafting. 

Unfortunately, coral reefs are diminishing due to pollution, coastal development, human traffic. Mt. Everest is littered with human waste, congested with foot traffic as we destroy  iconic natural wonders. Can we take active steps to conserve our planet?


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