Email: Feel powerless, scared in tough present circumstances. (US)

Empathetic. An analogy of a charming warrior! One who patiently perseveres in face of adversities, speaks in service of those who can’t. We carry personality archetypes – an  inner child, a lover, an explorer, a worker, a mother or father. Some archetypes present overtly, others lay fallow. Though, there’s an innocent inner warrior in all. Sometimes, under-developed or unknown. We’re unable to stand for selves, even when necessary. Know how it feels. Learnt the hard way when younger!

We may have grown with over-developed warrior aspects in parents, responded by repressing ours completely. Or parents with dormant inner warriors, so never learnt how to awaken in selves. Programmed mindsets don’t help either. Warriors humbly stand for what they believe. Calmly balanced in face of challenges, gently guiding people weak to fight for selves. Each is capable of accomplishing what we envision, no matter how complex our ambitions. When we visualise lives we hope to build, create a fascinating road map, formulate workable plans.

Awaken passionate, purposeful, pleasurable presence of an attractive inner warrior. Nurture precious goals with courage, compassion, mental strength. A sleeping ally, just the energetic antidote we need. Choose role models embodying qualities of grit, generosity, groundedness. A character in movies, books, historical people we admire. Understand unique qualities knowing the same potential lives in all. Stokes our fire, warmth. Provokes thoughtfulness, curiosity, reflections.

If Plan A didn’t work, 25 more alphabets to create inspired, playful, structured ideas for well-deserved success! Credibility soars when we strive not to convince. Politely listen, lead by example. Harmony isn’t absence of dissent. Consistently giving up what we need isn’t healthy, peaceful. People appreciate who we are! Believe, channel energy wisely.

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