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Email: Analysing unhappiness these days. Suggested ideas? (Japan)

All the best with inner reflections. On paths of personal growth, we analyse unhappiness for improvements. It’s equally important, if not more, to analyse happiness, as well. Observe feelings of inner joy, peace, contentment. Harness power of such precious moments with gratitude. Feel a fiery focus or fatigue to even do simple math?

Recognition of natural happy, unhappy emotions is 1st step to sustainable happiness. No self-criticisms, judgements. Enjoy, examine how joy fuels hearts or thoughts, in times of bliss. Curiously discover what put us in happy, unhappy frames of mind? High or low energy levels?

While problem solving – are we happier when helping others, pursuing passions, favourite sport, travel? What brings a big, bright smile? Maybe, we laugh playfully at simple jokes, even small annoyances as spice of life? Once we really know what it feels to be happy, can identify active ‘happiness triggers‘ to recreate, rekindle similar sentiments.

Naturally, like attracts like, positive energy attracts positivity. Focus on what brings true joy. A song, a dance, a place, cuddling a pet as ‘happiness triggers‘? An honest energy analysis encompassing all emotions, thoughts. Nurture, attract more habits of happiness, healing, hope!


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