Justice vs judgement…


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Many believe justice and judgement mean the same.

Justice is defined as reasonable fairness, fair-play, equality, impartiality and neutrality. Like ensuring specified governing laws of a country or society are respected, upheld.

Judgement is defined as decisions, discernment, prudence, understanding, transparency. Like judging a criminal case based on circumstances, facts and forensic analytics.

Both are intertwined, inter-linked and have a core similarity revolving around decision making, which deeply and significantly impacts both others and oneself.

Sensible judgement is derived by taking a balanced, non-judgemental approach to specific events, perspectives, logic, evidence, prevalent emotions and sentiments. To deliver credible justice, a well contemplated, considered judgement, is absolutely key.

If we believe there was injustice, we can turn it around humbly and swiftly by renewing, rewriting or revising our judgement. There is no good or bad, right or wrong judgement. All we need is confidence, belief and trust in our own abilities to judge and offer what we would ourselves find reasonable, real, realistic, acceptable, coined as justice, to others..

With faith and strength, we stand up and ensure justice is served, to those who seek or deserve it. Justice softly, yet impactfully speaks out on behalf of those who’re ignorant, vulnerable, have little or no capability to save, shield or protect themselves.

Today, positively revised a judgement, I made long ago…

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