Wheel of fortune…

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The same forces that govern the changing of seasons, the rising and setting of the sun is also the master of the luck and fate of individuals. Life is made of changing good and bad times, beyond our control. No matter what’s the outcome, the wheel of life always turns.

When we humbly accept that forces far greater than us are at play, keep the faith, stay open, vulnerable, resilient, release control and expectations, true abundance knocks at our door. Our creativity, will and flexibility to go with the flow, helps manage change compassionately.

We hope, believe we’ll get opportunities to create meaningful paths, towards growth and happiness. Fate will smile again, remove obstacles, transform tough situations.

We are guided to focus our intentions on what truly, deeply matters. Powers beyond our control have a plan for us, even if that plan is not clear, at this point.

The key to ‘Cosmic Ordering’ is very simple – know you deserve, believe that you can and fearlessly, lovingly and rightfully ask the universe. A surprising bigger picture is intuitively revealed, with threads of life, beautifully unified and woven together, in true harmony, bliss, love and joy.

Follow our star…🌟⭐️✨💫


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