Play to win…


Love card and board games. A fun and playful way of learning great life lessons…

Monopoly – teaches the right way to invest and manage money. To grow assets and be successful, one has to take risks.

Scrabble – life doesn’t always give a great hand, but our creativity, imagination and ingenuity matters, turns things around.

Snakes and ladders – Destiny, luck and the chances we take, shapes our life.

Card games – need a strategy to control the game or the game controls us, so in life. There’s a time we must think and a time we must make a calculated move to win, no buts or what if’s (chess).

Expressing ourselves clearly and honestly is important, if playing in a team (Bridge, a favourite). Non verbal clues are more meaningful than verbal ones, at times.

Playing cards has taught me that success doesn’t come from having the best cards but how we play the bad ones! Life brings unexpected surprises, miracles and chances, playfully challenging us to overcome fears and be in the moment.

We make decisions without full details, so trusting our sense of anticipation, intuition, judgement and will to play, defines our fate. We learn from previous failed hands, to ensure how we play next succeeds. Sometimes, we get chances and at times it’s all in, no going back (poker).

A balanced blend of strategy, skills and speed makes a super winning move..! ♠️♦️♣️♥️





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