Each one of us is different and has our own way of being. We grow up in different environments, impacted by a unique range of influences. The preferences, values, behaviours and beliefs we embrace are related intimately, to our origins, upbringing, childhood experiences or culture. As a result, each one of us has developed a specific perspective, that is uniquely ours.

Different perspectives foster innovation, discovery, exploration of the unknown.

When interacting with people from all walks of life, an open, non-judgemental, empathetic and constructive approach, helps gain an understanding of where they are coming from. We can then adjust our needs and expectations, avoid making negative opinions or assumptions.

Sometimes, we may want the same outcomes, but approach it from unique perspectives.

Mostly, when we face interpersonal conflicts (professional or personal), we assume others are being strange, difficult or unreasonable. We can ease stress, anxiety, miscommunications and misunderstandings, by reaffirming we are all following our own intuitive calling and destiny, be more accepting and tolerant.

When we listen compassionately, deep and harmonious relationships evolve. We find what is it, that makes us all tick, increasing our natural abilities to meaningfully connect with others.

Sometimes, we may create restrictive barriers of mistrust or disbelief, which keeps us away from nurturing our natural bonds. We may hold on to our own way of seeing the world, missing out on new, adventurous and wonderful experiences.

We can never fully grasp the myriad of complexities, but can go a long way toward encouraging mutually fulfilling, joyful bonds, by reaching out to others with sympathetic comprehension, forgiveness and unquestioning love.

Sometimes, all we need to change, is our own perspective. 

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