Emotional colours…

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Fascinated with colours, it powerfully evokes emotions and communicates how we feel.

Additive colour works with anything that emits or radiates light (sun). Subtractive colour works on the basis of reflected light (moon).

Red – seductive, attractive, passionate, playful, stimulating, energetic

Black – Powerful, edgy, sensuous, sophisticated, awe-inspiring, enticing

Orange – excitement, impulsiveness, healthy, vibrant, child-like, restless

Yellow – happy, friendly, cautious, tender, revitalising, reassuring, bright

Green – natural, prosperous, stable, warmth, beauty, harmony, joy

Blue – serene, trustworthy, inviting, dreamy, fluid, flowing, nurturing

Purple – luxurious, royal, striking, stunning, romantic, mysterious

Pink – feminine, youthful, alluring, charming, innocent, amorous

White and grey – neutral, innocent, peaceful, virtuous, promising, pious, pure

Brown – earthy, sturdy, rustic, reliable, guarded, solid, protective

We have our brushes and colours, to paint our own inner world of emotions…

Which colour should I flaunt today? Feel like white….


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