Escape a bad 1st date…

'After the computer matched us, the company issued a software patch to repair its program.'

Read a few of these abstract, hilarious, funny ideas on ‘how to escape a bad 1st date’..!

  • Get into a loud argument with voices in your head, pretend mentally unstable.
  • Yodelling the menu is a good start.
  • Slip a laxative into his water, hope it shows quick results.
  • Hold a picture of your mom, say ‘meet your competition’
  • Keep bringing chat, back to your dog. I ‘love to travel’, ‘my dog loves to swim’.
  • Randomly tell her to cut down on her carbs, to look like your EX.
  • Feel free to say, ‘I consider Trump, Kim Jong an inspiration’.
  • Set most weird ringtones and ask friends to send weird messages.
  • Just say, ‘my wife wants me back home by 10 pm’.
  • Start shoving breadsticks and left overs, into your purse.
  • You’re out of action due to a sports injury.
  • You’re not into texting, sexting, calling, emailing.
  • Your Tinder profile works wonders, great pipeline.
  • My roommate just called, he needs help (call time fixed)
  • My dog and cat are having a fight, got to go.
  • Spill wine all over you, need for a change.
  • Admit you have suicidal or violent tendencies.

Absolutely dramatic, funny, crazy…

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