12/12/2000 ; Letter for you…

Unknown 2

Me: Sweetheart, as your birthday gift, here’s the secret of 12/12/00..

12/12/00 ; London (UK)

10:00 pm – Pridefully, walked out of my plush Hyde Park flat, -5 bitter cold winter rain, you at 6, GBP 2000.00, your Mickey umbrella, enough to ensure you were safe…!

10:30 pm – Checked into a down market B&B at Lancaster Gate, no suites or butlers…

11:00 pm – Called close family and friends, told I left a place supported by me for 2 years, never to return. Shocking news, against their wise counsel and expectations.

At a point in life, we reach life-changing crossroads, where we need to decide what truly, deeply matters. What mattered the most was my authenticity, being who I am, true to myself, loved for my own worth, not only family riches, image or public reputation (sensational media news, back home), money, fleeting and perishable material comforts.

Wanted to break all chains which held me back, kept me mentally, emotionally blocked, in a dark place. My heart knew something destined yet unseen was calling out, if only I trusted enough to take a step. It’s intuitive magnetic pull was too pure, intense.

Your unquestioning love was my lifeline. Kept dreaming, kept believing in my journey. You never had an iorta of doubt, even at my lowest point. Divinely, you knew it all…!

Your starry eyes, charming and innocent smile deeply inspired me, absolutely confident I could achieve anything with your warmth, faith and love, firmly with me.

Today, you are living your own passion, purpose and dreams, a doctor in the making to selflessly serve those in need. We did it, just the two of us…!

My love and support can be taken for granted. The least I can give back, for what you have generously given me – my identity, my passion, a chance to be ME..

Booked Jaan, your favourite Michelin star for dinner…time to celebrate 🥂💕











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