Love = Romance, Desire, Passion…


Love is a most profound, ever evolving, complicated and unbelievable experience.

A beautiful world of human emotions and  interactions — one-night-stands to committed relationships, nervous flirting to comfort zone intimacy. What is love…?

Romance, desire and passion, are surely the three main pillars of a lasting true love — it’s a fascinating, intuitive, passionate and deep interweaving of sexual, emotional energy or intimacy.

If it’s romantic, we feel butterflies, day-dreams or rather behave weirdly, when together. A magnetic attraction or pull. Despite a well rehearsed script, words just feel alien. Thankfully, silence speaks volumes. A look, a smile, a touch, a deep bond…!

Desire is an alluring and enticing longing. Our erotic imagination and sensuality, is vivid and fertile. Touch is what we need to truly express ourselves. “Her lips were drawn to his, like a moth to a flame.”

Passion is wanting an unbelievable level of intimate closeness or pleasure, like never before. It manifests in an explicit, overwhelming and intense way, either physically, mentally or emotionally. Loving without real passion, is like a body without a soul, a fish out of water, moon without the stars.

True love brings a divinely beautiful sense of wonder, surprise, playfulness, excitement, creativity and mystery, some risks and pain as well. Everything feels new, novel and unreal, we start believing in miracles, wishing upon a star…

Fall truly, madly in love or not at all..! A thousand half-loves must be forsaken, to take that one whole heart, home.”

““Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other, all along”,


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