To Be A Man…

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Nice, received 13 emails this week, asking what is ‘masculine energy’, after my note on the essence of feminine energy.

Here’s my perspective:

Feminine energy, is receptive, intuitive, nurturing, empathetic and loving (heart-led  emotions) or the Yin. She recognises and respects her self-worth and value.

Masculine energy or the Yang, is free, strong, responsible, realistic, fair, assertive and logical. He takes action and control, as a true protector, a gentle leader, a kind provider.

Debate is masculine, conversation is feminine. He’s clear in his intentions and plans, a little secretive occasionally. He knows exactly what he wants and knows how to get it. He may not have perfect solutions, but clear judgement. He can be selfless and sacrificing but practices self-love, prioritises and balances his own fulfilment, joy and happiness.

A man is truly appealing when he owns his immense power, acting as a beacon of light for the feminine, dictated by his own inner compass, knowing and authenticity. He can transform ordinary love into extra-ordinary, offers basic comfort and emotional fulfilment.

A perfect, magnetic pull exists in polarity, when the feminine energy naturally aligns with the masculine. They complete, complement, encourage and inspire each other.

His irresistible charm and passionate flame of intimate sexual energy, intense sensuality, is incredibly attractive and desirous. The feminine has no choice but to trust, surrender, melt and disappear, in him.



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