Can Guarded Hearts Love…


Friend: What’s it like loving people with guarded hearts…?

We are not easily trusting and intuitively very discerning. Our deepest personal space is complex, reserved and well protected. Open only to ones, who know how to break our walls and chains.

We want to be truly loved, but ironically, can also get scared and run away, as well.

Money, good looks, degrees and material success, doesn’t impress us. Simplicity and authenticity does. We equally love and respect flaws and imperfections.

Words mean nothing, if not backed up with sincere, consistent behaviour or actions.

When we open our fragile hearts, we are very sensitive and vulnerable. We will truly and unconditionally believe, give, love, protect and nurture, like no one else.

Our innate spirit of sacrifice, selfless compassion, empathy and forgiveness, runs deep. We can be a mystery to solve.

We have great inner strength, sexual intensity and passion, yet are child-like – playful, curious, creative, adventurous and mischievous.

We prefer to set our own pace in intimate relationships, can be very secretive, shy and hide our true selves behind ever-evolving layers of masks. We only reveal what we want you to see, except from ones we cannot hide, as they can touch our core being and essence. They don’t seek permission to do so and any resistance from us, would be futile.

We need an unbelievable amount of patience and understanding, with our guarded hearts. These are one in a million to cherish, love and treasure.

Is this enough to understand…? Ha ha…


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